This month is October, which means for us artist types it’s Inktober.


What is Inktober?

Inktober is a month long daily challenge created by artist Jake Parker in an attempt to hone his inking skill. He’s been doing it since 2009, and every year I’ve wanted to join, but never could. I always missed October first and felt like it was futile if you didn’t catch it from the beginning so I never truly joined.

What is inking?

Maybe you’re not familiar with how a comic is made, but inking is the process in which the initial pencil drawing an artist does is finalized using black archival quality indian ink. The indian ink makes it easier for a scanner to pick up the artwork and have an even quality. If you’ve never tried to get final artwork from a pencil sketch, in most cases it’s a nightmare. Very few professional comic artists artwork clean enough to scan and be colored directly.

What’s so special about this year?

This year is different in that I actually started on October first. I was determined to catch this wave and I did. This month I will be following Jake Parker’s prompt list which can be seen below. But unlike  most people who take on this challenge, who will draw whatever comes to mind, I will be drawing Wrestlers exclusively. That’s right. I’m committed to this weirdness. So far I’ve drawn and inked three pieces. Which I will be uploading and posting today. I will try to update the blog daily so you can see my progress.  I will also try to get these up a little earlier than I have been over on my instagram. I think the blog is more important so I will try to focus on that.

See you here, everyday for a new piece.